Storytelling Class Fall 2016

Review your story over the holiday weekend. You do NOT have to memorize the story word for word. Next week, you will create a “story map” to help you remember your chosen story. Your only homework over the weekend is to read and reread your story. You should be familiar with your story for Wednesday’s class. On Wednesday, we will explore other ways to learn a story besides memorization.

The National Storytelling Network has a great resource page:

The National Storytelling Network Resource Page

Find a story to tell that you can work on for the next month in class. At the end of our first quarter, everyone in class will tell their stories to our littlest people.

On Wednesday, our next class, we will begin to create a roadmap for our stories and you will use your “story map” to practice telling to the other students in class.

If you have questions, email me. Have a great holiday weekend.


Here is today’s assignment from class.

Storytelling Assignment #1

Library Story Search


▢ 1. Find a folktale or fairy tale to work on for the next 4 weeks in class. Make sure to find a story you enjoy. Storytelling 2 students should look for something different from the last time you chose a story for class.


💡Ideas For Finding a Story:

You might choose a story:

That was told to you as a child.

That reflects your cultural heritage.

That reflects the heritage of a culture that interests you deeply.

That you have always loved.

That you discover while we spend time reading stories.


▢ 2. Check out at least one book of stories.   

(398) in the library is where they keep the fairy tales and folktales.


In the 398’s, the sections are divided in the following way.



Collections of stories are on the top shelf. You must choose one compilation to check out.



Classic fairy tales (all of the Cinderella’s are together, for example.)



Fairy tales by continent. (All of the African tales are together, all of the Asian tales and North American tales are together etc.)



Fairy tales and folktales are then grouped by tales by country—For example, all of the Asian tales are together, grouped by country:

Japanese Tales

Chinese Tales

Korean Tales







I have chosen the following story to tell:






Source: (list the compilation, website or storybook that contains your story.)


I found my story


▢ in the library


▢ on the internet


▢ other ____________________________________________________


I like this story because: