Northwestern University Theatre Student INTERNS WANTED

October 12, 2015




Send letter of application and resume to:

Subject line: NU intern

Winter Quarter 2016

“Authentic voice is your voice: Words only you can say, stories only you can write in a way that is specific to who you are, how you speak, how you perceive the life you alone are living and have lived.
It is the expression that comes from your deepest truest self. “              

~Brigid Murphy


Take part in the creation of a progressive, child-centered theatre piece with a dynamic and talented guest artist right up the street from NU.

In March of 2016, Baker Demonstration School will mount a middle school production written by the students in our Drama Residency with writer, teacher, performance artist and director, Brigid Murphy.

We would like to include two Northwestern Interns in the project as Assistants to the Director, Brigid Murphy.

*Time Commitment: One 45-minute class, two or four days per week– M/T/W/TH Class will be at the same time every day between 11am and 1pm for winter quarter. Tech and dress rehearsals occur in March. *This commitment may be split between two interns. The position is an unpaid internship at this time. I am still working on a possible stipend, but as of now, it is unpaid, but read on!

Here are the details of the project:

INTERNSHIP DURATION: January—March 2016 (Winter Quarter)

The Details:

  • Students will create a script written by the actors and developed through Brigid Murphy’s technique for writing memoir.
  • Students will create an ambitious theatre project that will connect with each middle school student at Baker.
  • Two different casts will present 3 performances each from March 17—20th, 2016. Each cast will create an original evening of theatre no longer than 60 minutes in length.
  • Brigid Murphy, Artist in Residence and Lizanne Wilson, Baker Drama Specialist will work with the core group from August 2015 through March 2016.
  • About one third of our (100) students have chosen to be on stage as writer/performers.
  • Two thirds of our middle school students will collaborate on the residency project through their winter quarter arts core class electives (Visual Art, Technology, Photography, Dance and Music.) All Arts Core students are invited to collaborate and respond to the stories and the devised scripts written by our students.  The collaboration between the writers and the students in the Art, Music, Technology, Dance and Photography classes will develop organically through the rehearsal process. The students will make the decisions, but we have ideas.


Collaboration with the actors may include:

  • Some of the stories set to vocal or instrumental music.
  • Dance students create dances around the themes found in the writing.
  • Music students compose music for songs or dances or movement work  in the script.
  • Photography students create character studies or document the development process.
  • Our visual arts students respond to the script and create the environment and/or props, costume or set pieces.
  • Technology? Imagine the possibilities.


Fall Semester, 2016

COURSE DESCRIPTION –Authentic Voices/Totally True Tales

Authentic Voices/Totally True Tales is designed to help students to unlock their authentic voices through autobiographical writing. Student writers will spend several sessions during the fall generating material. Each student will then choose one story to develop as part of a workshop production of Totally True Tales in rehearsal from January 14, 2016—March 2016. Through this process, students will become more confident writers, editors, and actors, grounded in their own unique narratives. Total project duration: August 2015 through March 24, 2016

September, 2015—January 14, 2016–Actor/Writer workshop

A 45-minute class meets two times per week for the fall semester. Two scripts are in rough form by the end of semester one, January 14, 2016.


January 20, 2016—INTERNS BEGIN:

Rehearsals begin for the workshop performances on January 20, 2016. Both casts rehearse four days per week for 45 minutes with longer rehearsals in March. Two casts work on separate evenings of theatre. Interns will rehearse with both casts as assigned.

  • Performances are March 17—20, 2016 in Carlson Auditorium at Baker Demonstration School, Wilmette, Illinois.

2015-16 Drama Artist in Residence FAQ’s for Potential Interns.

Who is working on this project next year?

The Team is made up of the following Baker Faculty, Staff and Administration.

Resident Artist—Brigid Murphy


Drama Teacher– Lizanne Wilson—I will be co-teaching the fall development session and writing workshop with Ms. Murphy.

Visual Arts Teacher—Julie Toole

Music teacher—Jamee Guerra

Technology Teacher – Becky Crawford

Photography– Karrie Fisher

Social Worker — Carrie Shump

Ms. Lisa Mozer — Director of Teaching and Learning

What is the AIR Project at Baker?

Brigid Murphy is our Artist in Residence in Drama for 2015-2016. Baker has an artist in residence every year. The residencies run on a three-year cycle of Drama, Music, and Visual Art.

When does the residency take place?

August, 2015 through March, 2016

What do you mean by a workshop production?

The work is the focus. We will have basic lighting and an environment created by students. The process is the focus of a workshop.

What is the core group?

24 students who elected to take Ms. Murphy’s Authentic Voice Arts Core class from August through March. The Core Group will write and perform the material for the workshop.

Who will write the script?

The Core Group of 24 are enrolled in Brigid’s unique writing class in the fall semester and develop a solid draft two scripts based on their writing by Winter Break.

Who is Brigid Murphy and why did Baker choose her to be the AIR?

Brigid brings her years of experience as a performer, writer, filmmaker, dancer, editor and director to the Authentic Voices residency. Her work is extraordinary and I am thrilled to have her join us for eight months in residence for our 2015-2016 school year. (See Brigid’s Bio below.)

What does “authentic voice” mean?

“Authentic voice is your voice: Words only you can say, stories only you can write in a way that is specific to who you are, how you speak, how you perceive the life you alone are living and have lived.
It is the expression that comes from your deepest truest self. “            ~Brigid Murphy

What does an Intern do?

You will be an integral part of the production team and an assistant to Ms. Murphy, the Director of the shows.

Responsibilities include: coaching actors, leading warm-ups, mentoring student stage managers, designers, choreographers, musicians, photographers and writers.

Work with students on dramaturgical questions and research, collaborating with teacher mentors on technology, video, photography, design, and music for the pieces.

Running rehearsal with one cast while Brigid works with the other cast.

Work with Lizanne Wilson, Drama Specialist on producing the pieces and supporting Brigid’s work with the students.

Lizanne Wilson, Baker Drama Specialist

Ms. Wilson is producer of the workshop. She designed the residency and she is a co-teacher of the Arts Core classes in fall semester.

Lizanne Wilson has worked for twenty years as the Drama Specialist for K-8 students at Baker Demonstration School. Integrating drama into the core curriculum, co-teaching with classroom teachers and other specialists, and creating innovative middle school productions have helped to make the arts a centerpiece of a Baker education. She was the keynote speaker and guest presenter on “Drama and Critical Literacy” at UC Fresno for the Cesar Chavez Conference on Multiple Perspectives in the Classroom. She has given workshops for the International Multi-Cultural Literature Conference “Reading the World”, the National Association of Laboratory Schools, the National Council of Teachers of English, National Council for Social Studies, ISAACS, and the Illinois Theatre Association. A  passionate advocate for social justice through art, Lizanne will co-facilitate the white affinity group at the People of Color Conference for the National Association of Independent Schools in December.

A professional actress, singer, and master teacher, Lizanne has created roles at the Lyric Opera of Chicago 1988-89 Season, The Children’s Theatre Company in Minneapolis, the New Tuners Theatre, the Organic Theatre and the Drury Lane Theatre in Chicago, among others. She was the  Director of the Performing Apprentice Program as well as a member of the acting company at The Children’s Theatre Company in Minneapolis.

Can you tell me more about Ms. Murphy?


Brigid began her creative life as a dancer, receiving a B.A. in performance and choreography from Columbia College, where she was the recipient of the inaugural Annual Alumni Concert. Brigid eventually moved from dance to solo performance, performing throughout Chicago, and New York City. However, Brigid Murphy is best know as the creator and host of “Milly’s Orchid Show”, a variety show hosted by the wisecracking country singer Milly May Smithy (Played by Murphy). It’s home has been the 800 seat Park West, where it plays to sellout crowds. “Milly’s Orchid Show” has also had two runs in New York City, at Performance Space 122 and La Mama. The show has featured, on a regular basis such renowned artists as Eric Bogosian, Lisa Kron, David Cale, David Sedaris (a regular for many years), Nora Dunn, Frank and Malachy McCourt, Robert Klein, Ira Glass, Poi Dog Pondering (with whom she played saxophone ’93-‘98), as well as the Chicago premiere of Blue Man Group and Sex in the City and Two Broke Girls’, Michael Patrick King. Also included in the mix are a variety of acts from dance, music, and short films, to fire eaters, marching bands, and Mexican lariat champions. Brigid was commissioned by the Lyric Opera of Chicago to create an opera themed version of the show, and by the Chicago Theatre Group to inaugurate the opening of the Albert at the new Goodman Theatre.

Her M.F.A. thesis film “A Prince in the Projects” has been screened in festivals throughout the country as well as in India and Australia, and it was licensed for presentation in schools across the country. Her screenplay, “Maggie Was Here” was selected as a finalist for the Sundance Writing and Directing Lab. Brigid was featured in the Museum of Contemporary Art’s exhibit: “Art in Chicago 1945-1995, she received the Alumni Award from Columbia College for outstanding contribution to her field. As a MFA student she received the Follet Fellowship, the Rosebud award, and the Albert P. Weisman scholarship. She was awarded the Grigsby Award for her contribution to solo performance.

Brigid’s musical play, “Without A Song”, directed by Jessica Thebus, about her experience with cancer, completed a sold out workshop production at The Goodman Theatre in 2005. She has been teaching for over 16 years and currently teaches at The University of Chicago’s Graham School, De Paul University, and Columbia College. Much of her teaching is based on a class and technique she created to help students connect to their creative voice through autobiographical writing. She also offers this class to the community at large in both private and group classes. Many shows have been generated through this method that she’s directed and produced among them are three evenings of solo performances for Live Bait’s, “Filet of Solo”, the critically acclaimed ”Golden Corral,” by Josef Steiff and “North Pole-South Pole” by Tom Reilly and Anne Purkey. She also adapted, produced, and directed Harry Nilsson’s “The Point” to sold-out audiences at The Old Town School of Folk Music.   In the summer of 2013 she wrote, produced, and directed a new musical featuring the music of Poi Dog Pondering. It premiered at the inaugural Three Oaks Theatre Festival in Three Oaks Michigan. In 2012 “Milly’s Orchid Show” celebrated its 25th year. The shows are now being created for the next generation of audiences, the kids.

More questions?

Do you want more details? I have a complete description of the project and a rehearsal schedule on my website

Brigid Murphy and I look forward to working with you next year!


Lizanne Wilson

Drama Specialist

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