Can I Hit My Child With a Chancla to Get Him Off the Playground? by Antonio Sacre–.html?soid=1103606398362&aid=hWJUWEbxviM.


I remember the only time my twins  melted into paroxysms at Eric’s Deli one afternoon.  I carried them out of the restaurant holding them like two sacks of rice –one under each arm–kicking and screaming… it was lovely.

I have used stories to entertain my little nieces, to woo my young children to come to bed, to calm a six-year-old waiting in a busy hospital emergency room  and much more. My favorite storyteller and a great friend to Baker, Antonio Sacre, writes about how a story can save the day when you’re stuck. He has a recipe for putting together a story on the spot. It’s a good read and an easy recipe.   Follow him @antoniosacre