Curt’s Cafe This Saturday. Come and See our Poets Perform Original Work (and a bit of Shakespeare)..

Parents and Students:

Our students are excited to perform on Saturday! It started as a small idea, and now everyone from Poetry in Performance* will be there to read their original poems.

Some of my Shakespeare students asked for an opportunity to perform outside of the walls of Baker. Thanks to Baker Dad, Doug Haight, I found Curt’s Cafe, a local restaurant whose mission is to help at-risk youth. (Doug’s beautiful Havana photos are now on exhibit at Curt’s.) We have their LIVING ROOM reserved from 2-4 on Saturday, May 17 (same day as YEA). Here’s the roster of students who plan on performing from drama classes this semester. They are each performing original poems.


Poetry Performance is at 2pm. Music performance will follow. Please join us.

Ryan T.




Alice B.



Jack G.




Zoe Z.


And Erin B., Nadia and Cate will share a scene from Shakespeare’s Comedy of Errors.

When you attend YEA to see all the fruits of Ms. Toole’s program, come on over to Curt’s for a cup of coffee and some music, poetry and a smidge of Shakespeare on Saturday, May 17.

BAKER Drama and Music performances

Saturday, May 17th between 2 and 4.
Curt’s Cafe
2922 Central St.
Evanston, IL 60201

So come and drink some coffee and eat some delicious pastries in the Living Room at Curt’s while listening to Baker middle school students share their work. *One student is tentative.