The Jungalbook Project At Baker Demonstration School

JUNGALBOOK Job Descriptions & Audition/Job Application Form


Job Descriptions

Baker Demonstration School–Winter 2013

*Please note: All jobs and roles will evolve and grow as each person makes a job/role his/her own. Each student will report to an adult supervisor for his/her area every afternoon.

Costume Design Associates and Props (6- 8 people) report to Meg Grgurich

These roles design and create the costumes  and props for the show

●      Assistant to Ms. Grgurich

Works with Ms. Grgurich to facilitate communication between production divisions. Works closely with Mr. Gnutek’s assistant.

●      Costume Designers: works on costumes for the show. Starting with the design renderings (drawings), you will help to take the costumes from the page to the stage. If you know how to sew, fantastic. No need to know how to sew to work on this project. This will be a big commitment with a lot of job satisfaction when you see your beautiful costumes on stage. You will have input on some design elements of the costumes.

●      Properties Designers: Helps design, create, and find the props needed  for the production.

●      Properties Manager: Gathers, organizes and manages everything in the show that is held in the hands or moves on and off the stage (ie…benches, chairs etc…)

●      Assistant Properties Manager:  Assists the Properties Manager with organizing and creating props

Set Design (6-8 people) Report to Mr. Gnutek

Work with the design team to help create and realize the set design for JUNGALBOOK

●      Assistant to Mr. Gnutek

Works with Mr. Gnutek to communicate with design and construction staff. Works in close collaboration with Ms. Grgurich’s Assistant, Crew Chief and Production Stage Manager.

Orchestra/Composers (6–10 people) Report to Mrs. Guerra

Creates a musical landscape for the performances of JUNGALBOOK. You will play in the pit orchestra for all of the four performances.

●      Mrs. Guerra’s Assistant –Communicates with Stage Managers and Design Assistants.

Media/Business (10–12 people) Report to Ms. Crawford, Ms. Cruse, Mr. Haight

Media jobs will encompass all areas of media work and promotion on the production including posters, programs, a blog, or website. Create blog entries on the JUNGALBOOK blog site. There is lots of room for creativity here for students who want to learn to use technology and media to mount and support a production. There are limitless possibilities.

●      Poster Design–Works with design team to create a visual signature for the production and a poster.

●      Program Design–Creates a program for the show. Big job.

●      Digital Media Staff–Facebook, Twitter, Blog, Wiki?–students will develop this job with Ms. Cruse and Ms. Crawford.

●      Business Management/Box Office: works with the budget for the play and plan and execute a box office for all four performances.

●      Digital photographers/archivists (2). Documents the project as a photographer/archivist.

●      Video Documentary Production (6) : learns both the basics and finer points involved with shooting and editing documentary styled digital video.  Students will work collaboratively in small groups to shoot and edit a series of short documentaries about the making of the JUNGALBOOK production.

Students should understand that learning to shoot and edit video is very time intensive. Participants do not need any experience with video equipment or editing software, but they must be willing to make every effort to make the best use of our all class time to create, digest and discuss material.

Set Construction and Crew (10–12 people) Report to Mr. Beck

Works with Mr. Beck, Mr. Gnutek to construct the set and become the crew for the production.

●      Construction Crew (everyone):  crafts the set, using tools, etc. and  works with the design team

●      Lighting (2): Uses the lighting plot created by Lighting Design Mentor to design the light cues for the entire show.  Works closely with the entire production team: Director, Costume, Scenery and Props people to make sure the light cues help to “tell the story of the play”. *The last two weeks of the show will entail some after school work. Please don’t volunteer for this job unless you are ready to do some extra work outside of school in March.

●      House Manager: In charge of keeping front of house (from the lip of the stage to the back of the audience chamber) clean and clutter free. In charge of ushers for each performance. Makes the curtain speech/announcements before the start of the show.

●      Assistant House Manager: Works with House Manager to help with audience services and to keep front of house clean. Also serves as an usher.

●      Ushers: Hands out programs at the door. Seats patrons and makes sure everyone feels welcome in our theatre.

●      Crew Chief: Organizes and manages the crew, coordinates with the Stage Manager, to make sure all jobs are done safely and on time.

●      Assistant Crew Chief: Assists in managing the crew on the stage deck.

●      Crew:  Works with set and props to move items off and on stage.

●      Sound Engineer: Makes sure the sound is created and balanced for the show. Handles the video and sound hook-up for the green room (an early childhood classroom.)

●      Sweepers:  Keeps the work environment safe.

The following jobs report to (To be determined) depending on the casting of the other jobs.

Second Grade Theatre Buddies (2) : Act as liasons for Mrs. O’Brien and Mrs. Peacock’s classes. One buddy per class. You will communicate with them as we get closer to the performances and you will answer questions and solve problems that arise. If you like working with young children, this is a good job for you. You will be the second graders’ safe and trustworthy middle school buddy.

Storytellers (2 or 3) Pre-K/K    1/2/3        4/5

You will read and study JUNGALBOOK and the original Mowgli Stories by Kipling and tell the Kipling story basics and our version of the story in the play. You will make sure each grade has a basic understanding of Kipling’s Mowgli Stories and why our production is different. You will clarify that this is not the “Disney Jungle Book.”

Dramaturgs/Kipling specialists (2):

From wikipedia the creation of programs or accompanying educational services and even helping the director with rehearsals, serving as elucidator of history or spokesperson for playwrights.

Why do the play?  What meaning do the key ideas of the story have to do with us as a middle school community?  As a school community?

You will have a chance to create a rich and interesting multi-disciplinary project. You can create an installation or an exhibit about the play and the story and our production while working with the documentary and photography crews. It’s up to you to illuminate the play for the audience from the perspective of the Kipling stories and Mr. Mast’s script.

Stage Managers report to Ms. Wilson and Mr. Beck.

Production Stage Manager (1)

Helps the director during rehearsals. Writes down all blocking for the director in Stage Managers “prompt book”. Supervises set up of scenery and props. In charge of entire cast and crew. Once the show “goes up” into performance, the Stage Manager is in charge of the show. (Adults will be present at all times for safety.) Sits with the lighting crew at the stage manager’s table during performances.

Assistant Stage Managers (3)

Assists the Production Stage Manager in all duties listed above. Makes sure the Stage Manager’s book is up to date with sound and light cues and all blocking. Knows the Stage Manager’s job and can back him/her up at any time. Works backstage during the performances.

Assistant to Ms. Wilson and Acting Artist in Residence, Ms. Karstadt. (1)

Assists Ms. Wilson and Artist in Residence at rehearsals and meetings. Communicates closely with other division assistants.

Cast will report to Ms. Wilson and Ms. Karstadt.

Cast (in order of appearance)

A note on casting:  Each of these roles is important. You will be cast as part of an ensemble of actors all working together to create the world of the play. You might get cast because you auditioned superbly. You might also be cast because you have proven your work ethic time and time again. Jungalbook will demand much from the actors. Our actors will all work very hard to “unpack” this play for each other and for the audience. This production will be very physically demanding as well.

Some parts have more dialogue, but each role is essential to the success of the production. There will be lots of ensemble work and movement work. It will be a tight ensemble– just wait and see!

Double cast show of 13 roles—26 roles with 2 dancers.

Blue Cast:

Baloo, the bear

Bagheera, the panther

Sherakhan, the tiger

Mowgli, the human boy

Akela, the leader of the wolf pack

Grab, a wolf

Hathi, the elephant: one actor and two dancers

Grey, a wolf

Kaa, a python





2 dancers? (same dancers for both casts)

Red Cast:

Baloo, the bear

Bagheera, the panther

Sherakhan, the tiger

Mowgli, the human boy

Akela, the leader of the wolf pack

Grab, a wolf

Hathi, the elephant: one actor with two dancers.

Grey, a wolf

Kaa, a python





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